Driving While Intoxicated Education​​

State-Certified Class (First Offense)

DWIE (12 hrs)

​​​-DWI - Texas Case

$100 pre-paid or $110 at the door

​​-DWI - Out of State Case

$110 pre=paid or $120 at the door

Texas Case - Your Name

4-Hour Drug Awareness

1-day class

​$70 pre-paid or $80 at the door

Marijuana Awareness

(4 hrs)   1-day class

​$70 pre-paid or $80 at the door

Please call (713) 269-8223, to confirm class availability before making your payment.

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Alcohol Education Program for Minors

State-Certified Class (under age 21)

AEPM (MIP) (6 hrs)

$70 pre-paid or $80 at the door

Student/Participant's Name:

8-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness

2-days class

​$95 pre-paid or $105 at the door

Anger Management Class

(8 hrs)​   1-day class

​$95 pre-paid or $105 at the door

payment plans must be processed by phone or in the office by appointment only.

Student/Participant's Name:
Student/Participant's Name:
Student/Participant's Name:

 Texas Drug Offender Education Program

State-Certified Class

TDOEP (15 hrs) 

​$100 pre-paid or $110 at the door

Out of State Case - Your Name

pay online

Please Note:

By making a payment, this will guarantee a seat will be available for you, therefore no refunds will be given.  However, you have an opportunity to reschedule (before your scheduled class) only once in a future class without being charged any additional fees. 

If you have not filled out the registration form, please do so first by clicking on the registration tab.   

Student/Participant's Name
Student/Participant's Name:

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