Student/Participant's Name

Anger Management Class

(8 hrs)

​1-day class

​$95 pre-paid or $105 at the door

payment plans must be processed by phone or in the office by appointment only.

Student/Participant's Name:
Student/Participant's Name:

Please call (713) 269-8223, to confirm class availability before making your payment.

Student/Participant's Name:

Marijuana Awareness

(4 hrs)

1-day class

​$70 pre-paid or $80 at the door

Student/Participant's Name:

 Texas Drug Offender Education Program

State-Certified Class

TDOEP (15 hrs) 

​$100 pre-paid or $110 at the door

Out of State Case - Your Name
Student/Participant's Name:

Driving While Intoxicated Education​​

State-Certified Class (First Offense)

DWIE (12 hrs)

​​​-DWI - Texas Case

$100 pre-paid or $110 at the door

​​-DWI - Out of State Case

$110 pre=paid or $120 at the door

Texas Case - Your Name

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Please Note:

By making a payment, this will guarantee a seat will be available for you, therefore no refunds will be given.  However, you have an opportunity to reschedule (before your scheduled class) only once in a future class without being charged any additional fees. 

If you have not filled out the registration form, please do so first by clicking on the registration tab.   

Substance Abuse




Alcohol Education Program for Minors

AEPM (MIP) (6 hrs)

State-Certified Class (under age 21)

$70 pre-paid or $80 at the door

8-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness

(8 hrs)

1-day class

​$95 pre-paid or $105 at the door